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Leisure activities in Calella

Throughout the year there are festivals, shows, an outdoor cinema, concerts and traditional celebrations.

Hotel Kaktus Volga


More than 70 bars, restaurants and terraces… Calella has a great deal to offer for those seeking local food and drink, allowing you to find just what you are looking for. On the one hand, you will find a great number of bars and terraces where you can sample traditional Spanish tapas, as well as restaurants of different types specialised in traditional Mediterranean cuisine. In addition, and as a result of Calella’s long-standing tradition as a tourist destination, you will also find international restaurants.


In Calella you will find a retail offering with over 500 shops, located in the main on the pedestrian street leading to the church, the main street of the town, which is 500 meters from the hotel. You can take a stroll, visiting your favourite shops and discovering the town centre.

Hotel Kaktus Volga
Hotel Kaktus Volga


Outdoor activities

In addition, there are plenty of open-air options to enjoy in Calella, from sea promenades to lovely and original parks. Discover the amazing views from Calella’s lighthouse or Roca Grossa’s beach, the paths at Parque Dalmau or Mauel Puigvert’s sea promenade. Explore Calella and find out all of its charms.

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